Kawasaki Kanamara Festival

Posted on 2014年4月9日

As spring comes and flowers bloom thoughts turn to love.
Attracting tourists from around the world , the Kawasaki Kanamara festival celebrates the organs of generation. Combining modern twists with a traditional aesthetic, it’s a uniquely Japanese celebration that is not to be missed.


There is no stronger celebration of the Japanese joystick than Kawasaki’s Kanamara Matsuri (Festival of the Iron Phallus). Despite smirks and giggles from Westerners, this is no Fantasy Fest: it’s an ancient tradition that serves as a celebration of (and prayer for) fertility, long marriages and healthy births, and a way to promote awareness about sexually transmitted diseases, most importantly HIV.

金山神社(Kanayama Shrine)
2-13-16 Daishi Ekimae
Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki, Kanagawa