Green Tea Cup Ring Black Plate

This is soooo cute! It is a cup of “ocha” or green tea. It is just like the green tea you get at sushi restaurants as these restaurants usually use bagged tea. You can see the little bag in the tea! It is sitting on a cute black plate with flowers.

It is on a silver tone adjustable band that will fit most ring sizes. It measures about 2.5 cm wide (1 inch) and 2 cm high (.8 inches).

SouZouCreations’ products are made with attention to detail, creativity and long lasting dependability.

These products are constructed with many types of plastic, glass, metal, ceramic and much more. They are not expensive pieces but are meant to be fun and beautiful.

SouZouCreations’ products are created to be worn on special occasions – fun times or to add a little bling to any outfit.



Japanese girls have no qualms about showing off their gams, and while Shibuya-fashion girls tend to stick to bare legs, the Harajuku fashion set likes to cover up, usually with tights. So the tights/stocking obsession in Japan is still a big one, ​and since it’s summer the tattoo stockings are all over the streets.




Disco -Nail Salon, Shibuya




The majority of what passes for nail art in Tokyo starts to seem very wan indeed after you’ve encountered the work of Nagisa Kaneko. The owner of Disco nail salon acts like a graffiti artist working in miniature, using gels to create detailed illustrations and more abstract designs, where the only limit seems to be her imagination and her customer’s budget (an hour session costs a cool ¥9,450).

1-14-9-3F jinnan, shibuya-ku, tokyo