Zauo Fishing Restaurant

Zauo Restaurant in Tokyo, Japan.
A boat surrounded by a large sea pool in the middle of the bustling Tokyo. Very original and challenging for its customers, the restaurant will make its patrons to catch their dinner by themselves.

shinjuku washington hotel 1F, 3-2-9 nishishinjuku, shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


OJIGI (bowing)

Ojigi (bowing) is an essential part of Japanese daily life. People bow when saying hello, thanking someone, apologizing, saying good-bye and introducing themselves. Although shaking hands (akushu) has become accepted as a form of greeting, many Japanese still are not used to it.

“最敬礼 文部省制定『昭和の国民礼法』 昭和17年 帝国書籍協会版より 【説明】最敬礼は先ず姿勢を正し、正面に注目し、状態を徐に前に傾けると共に手は自然に下げ、指尖(ゆびさき)が膝頭の辺に達するのを度(45度)としてとどめ、凡そ一息の後、徐に元の姿勢に復する。殊更に頸を屈したり、膝を折ったりしないようにする。”